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The only platform that provides real-time guidance. Based on the playbook of your A-players.




We uncover the most effective way to coach, support, and help inside sales professionals.

Gerhard Gschwandtner CEO, Selling Power

Gerhard Gschwandtner

CEO, Selling Power

"Qurious is a real-time Sales 3.0 playbook. The power of Qurious is instant visibility into the cognitive flow of each conversation your sales reps conduct with your customers.

Their artificial intelligence harvests the skills and strategies of your A-players and delivers the voice of the A-players to the screen of your B-players to accelerate learning and accelerate revenues. This new technology will radically impact sales on-boarding, productivity, and training.

This is huge. Qurious is the future. Nobody else is doing this."

Ron Miller CEO, StartEngine

Ron Miller

CEO, StartEngine

"Keeping our sales team at a high level of performance has always been a challenge. There is no such thing as 10 best ways to close deals.

Having a smart playbook maximizes sales results by tracking what works for my specific sales process. Knowing what my reps are saying on every call has been a dream. We've never been able to easily analyze and compare calls to each other.

Finally with Qurious, we can do that and help keep our reps on track and on quota. Life saver."

Cy Khormaee CEO, Contastic

Cy Khormaee

CEO, Contastic

"Knowing what my reps have been telling customers is a constant concern. I know new reps struggle to stay on script and leverage our playbook.

I'm incredibly excited at the potential Qurious has to both show me exactly what is being said on every call as well as to help coach my new reps in real time so they can follow the best practices from our top reps."

Our goal is to help sales organizations solve the last mile problem: the connection between the rep and customer over the phone.

The marketplace has spent billions to track, accelerate, and identify the best prospects. But when we put the best prospects on the phone with our reps, we wish them luck and hope they say the right things in the right order. 

That seems insane to us.

We figured if we could leverage what the top reps say and give “nudges” in real-time to help other reps, we could help sales teams stay on track and translate that into winning more deals.

- Sabrina and George


Sabrina Atienza

Computer Science & Physics

UC Berkeley


George Ramonov

Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, & Mathematics

UC Berkeley & Moscow State

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