turn your B-players
into A-players

With Qurious, all your reps get real-time access to your A player's strengths.

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Codify the most effective way to set demos and win more deals

Qurious takes the heavy lifting out of building sales playbooks so they are always relevant and effective for your sales teams.
Small, consistent improvements to B and C player performance yield significant and measurable results.

Rapidly improve sales performance

Qurious leverages your A players to develop content that your B, C, and new reps use in real-time with customers on the phone to dramatically improve the quality of every conversation.

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Accelerate pipeline velocity
  • Bring up your Bs and Cs

Reduce ramp time down to weeks

With Qurious, new reps can model A players in weeks, not months, using real-time answers based on your A players. Ramp reps faster with the only real-time, voice A.I. platform in the market.

  • Make sure your coaching sticks
  • Live prompts on the rep's screen
  • Reduce attrition as reps succeed faster

Build playbooks faster, easier, better

Use an outside firm to develop playbooks? Was there a gap between what you expected and what you got? We solve that gap. Give us 5 calls from your best reps. Get your playbook in 5 days.

  • Leverage reps who get your business
  • Real-time content refresh so they’re never stale
  • Segment by industry, product, and rep personality

The real-time voice A.I. platform to scale your revenue

Qurious empowers Reps to improve their own productivity and empowers Managers to effectively conduct situational coaching, gaining a better understanding of the sales process and their team’s performance.

For Executives

GROW TOP-line revenue
Improve B and C players to rapidly accelerate revenue growth

Decrease overall opportunity costs

Ensure reps have value-based conversations

For Sales Managers

Leverage proven best practices to support each rep

Use data to coach each rep

Improve lead quality through better discovery calls

For Sales Reps

win more deals
Leverage a winning playbook on every call

Get real-time answers to questions

Learn what works faster to achieve better results

For Marketing

Test positioning and messaging of new products or features

Get real-time win/loss analysis

Identify sales tools and collateral that actually move the needle

For Product Managers

Understand latest questions and product objections

Get key competitive insights

Keep a real-time pulse on the market and customer


Ready to accelerate ramp and revenues?


Qurious is a solution that takes my A players and replicates their strengths via their real-time playbook creation. It never goes stale and gives real-time answers to my reps when they need it the most...
in real-time, live during their calls. Finally, a platform that enables us to support every rep while on every call.... impossible to do currently.
Jim Weldon photo
Jim Weldon
VP Solution Sales, Hitachi Consulting


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