Playbooks that adapt to the Rep based on how the conversation is going

No more static playbooks. With Qurious, support your reps with the answers they need in real-time to overcome objections, set more demos, and win more deals.

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One platform. 3 modules. You're in control.

Real-time content development

Qurious builds better playbooks in days, not months, at lower cost. All we need is 5 calls from your A players. Your first playbook is done in days. Significantly reduce content creation time and costs.

  • Playbook editor and management with built-in templates
  • Real-time content refresh, so playbooks never go stale
  • Product and Marketing get real-time data from the frontline
  • Segment playbooks by industry, product, and rep personality


Qurious gives your reps real-time answers to real-time questions and objections from customers. Qurious nudges your reps to stop talking and to ask better questions. Real-time. Live during calls.

  • Next-generation proprietary voice A.I. technology
  • Not disruptive to rep's workflow
  • Embedded into CRM, phone, and web conferencing
  • Adapts to customer questions and objections real-time

REAL-time AnalyTICS

Qurious gives you visibility that you've never had before. Keep your team on track and diagnose performance gaps. Understand why deals get stuck. Understand why your A players are A players.

  • See what’s actually being said vs interpretation
  • Know who’s on the phone and who's slacking
  • Personalize coaching for each rep in 5 minutes
  • See questions asked, objections, next steps, and more


Increase the ROI of all your sales calls.

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Seamlessly deploy to Reps

Qurious integrates with your CRM, VoIP, web conferencing, or dialer system. Reps don't have to go anywhere or click anything. Qurious starts automatically when the call starts.


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Finally with Qurious, we have a playbook that maximizes sales results by surfacing what works for our business. Helping my reps say the right thing on every call and being able to easily analyze and compare results of calls has been a dream!
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Ron Miller
CEO, StartEngine